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False Paradigm Elimination Protocol (FPEP)

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What is FPEP?

The False Paradigm Elimination Protocol (FPEP) is designed to bring you towards insight of realizing the true paradigm that your feeling (or experience, attitude, state of mind, reality etc) is coming from Thought in the moment, eliminating the possibility of the false paradigm that your feeling could be coming from something other than Thought in the moment. It sounds simple, maybe even unexciting or boring but this is hugely transformational.

Once you have a realisation of a paradigm that is true, then the other paradigms in the same field are rendered false. If you have learnt several or many paradigms (or worldviews, or ‘come froms’) in a particular field, then imagine how much would get taken off the mind if insight proved them to be false!

A paradigm acts as a ‘container’ for your thinking (or reflection, intuition, energy etc) to take place in. If you think about it, if a paradigm is discovered to be false, then so too is the foundation for all that thinking that’s included in that paradigm. It would no longer make sense to keep thinking the way we had been thinking if we know the paradigm that thinking belongs to is false.

Instead, we have thinking based on a true paradigm bringing to life a richer and quieter mind, resilience, psychological security and more common sense, living with more freedom regardless of what we feel. The FPEP is designed to transform and evolve our lives naturally on an ongoing basis, increasing our intelligence as we go through our lives day by day.

The FPEP is based on the paradigmatic logic of the Three Principles of Mind, Thought and Consciousness uncovered by the late Sydney Banks.

"I just love how elegant the logic is and Brett's ability to “stick to it”. I don’t know anyone who does that better."

Barbara F.

FPEP Coaching & Consulting

FPEP Coaching & Consulting is where we have a conversation about your concerns, thoughts and feelings, or if you need to think about what your own experience means from an insightful place. Often we believe we know what is going on, and the answers we come up with continue to leave us struggling to move forwards. We may switch from answer to answer, but no lasting solutions. We get the sense of something like, “there’s got to be a better way” to resolve matters and similar. When we get clearer on what is actually going on, then the answers we come up with will be of an entirely different order. It’s often something that comes with more obviousness and practicality, and we find ourselves moving forward with greater strides.

I offer two kinds of FPEP Coaching & Consulting.
1) One session – 75 minutes £120.
2) Extended – 6 x 75 minute sessions for £600 (6 sessions for the price of 5).

While one-off sessions are on offer, I highly recommend the extended package. Your learning of how you actually function has more of a chance to take a deeper hold of you, where having insights can build on top of another transforming you over and over again in the process. I also suggest having these sessions frequently, preferably a minimum of twice a week, so the momentum of insight is continued and insight will prove to you this is a much better and easier way to live your life.

"Brett is like a lovable, loving precision instrument."

Kelly G.

FPEP Intensive

FPEP intensive is where we spend 3 consecutive days together in person or online focusing on how the Three Principles Paradigm works in whatever you have going on in your life. An inevitable result of this is you having insights into your own thinking, which naturally evolves you in a way you couldn’t have foreseen. Insight is a very powerful experience, and every insight has far-reaching implications for many aspects of your life, if not all.

We will also have weekly follow up calls. It may take 3 to 6 months depending on your progress. Whatever progress you make, I will be on hand to assist you in thinking about your own thinking and experiences until you reach a point where having paradigm-based insights becomes second nature to you.

Pricing: From £3,000.

FPEP Training

FPEP Training is a 9-12 month program that includes two 3-day intensive learning about all the nuances of the Three Principles as a paradigm, and why having a paradigm makes such a big difference. If you didn’t have a paradigm, you’re much more likely to miss out on the gifts of wisdom, intelligence and logic that the Three Principles can bring to your life. If you would like to know more about this training, please get in touch below.

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